We act for human progress by combining passion with advanced expertise to protect what matters when it matters. 

Protecting the ordinary and the extraordinary 
Combining passion, expertise, and experience, we deliver worldwide solutions to our business partners and their customers, protecting what matters most to them at critical moments.

We look after people and keep them safe and developed a life insurance program powered by us, that ensures a payment, harnessing the most forward-looking technologies to provide peace of mind. Our mission is to protect both the ordinary and the extraordinary. We always stand by your customers’ side, since your success is our success.

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Our Manifesto 

We work with our business partners to create solutions that protect what matters when it matters. Always pushing our limits, we are expanding our areas of expertise and adapting our solutions to safeguard health and quality of life, promoting individual success and collective progress.

As lives and businesses evolve through new technologies, and as new risks arise, we are fully committed to ensuring that our partners and their communities can thrive and grow. Thanks to our global network of experts and our passion for protection we develop innovative partnerships to offer solutions that are adapted and accessible to all.

Discover our activities in our booklet

You’ll find in this 20-page document a comprehensive overview about who we are, our mission, activities, commitments and protection solutions to protect what matters.

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People are our driving force 

We design insurance solutions and services that fit our clients’ requirements. Our business is, and always has been, entirely people-led. When people call on us for help and protection they are met with a smile, a sympathetic ear, and a can-do attitude.  

When Western Union wanted to provide more security for its money transfer customers, the AXA Emerging Customers team listened to the recipient families, studied their needs, and developed a life insurance program powered by AXA Partners that ensures a payment equivalent to several months of remittances.

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Technology is our ally 

We harness the latest digital technology in the service of your business. We do not view technology as separate from people - we believe that innovation only makes sense if it is useful and that data’s main role should be to deliver efficient, customized and actionable service.

In Sweden, we worked with the government and private partners such as the start-up Stratumn to use blockchain technology to facilitate and secure automatic monthly unemployment insurance payments, removing the need for filing cumbersome monthly forms.

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Our network is our strength 

As a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA Group, we are trusted and recognized worldwide for our unparalleled network of experts protecting property, people, and financial assets. 

For example, working with AXA France, we designed the website
mestravaux which gives AXA France’s customers in need of home repairs access to our network of trusted professionals, with fixed prices negotiated by AXA Partners and reliable customer care. 

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Service is our added value 

The quality of service that we provide to your customers adds an extra dimension to your offering, which can present new solutions and growth opportunities.

When Accor wanted to provide health coverage to its customers during the Covid-19 pandemic, we created a 24/7 English language telemedicine 
platform that gave its hotel guests access to AXA’s doctor and hospital network. 

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Enhancing the customer experience is our goal 

Our performance-boosting solutions and services help businesses increase their customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and expand their customer base. 

To facilitate searches for legal information for individuals and businesses, we designed the ELS@ platform, which provides 24/7 legal information and solutions as well as access to a network of experts for a broad range of personal, business, and administrative issues.

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Responding to business partners' needs

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