Helping individuals assert their rights, with advice, support and solutions.

It’s easy to feel vulnerable in today’s increasingly complex world. Any unexpected event – a dispute with a neighbor, an online purchase gone wrong, becoming a victim of cybercrime - can quickly have legal ramifications. As a reliable partner, you can reassure your customers – individuals, professionals, and SMEs - with support and solutions for their legal concerns. 

  • 46%

    46%of European Internet users

    are concerned about someone misusing their personal data

  • 76%

    76%of Europeans

    believe the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime is increasing

  • 41%

    41%of Europeans

    are concerned about the security of their online payments.

Scales of justice

A wide range of legal assistance solutions

Our employees are passionate about offering help when it’s needed most and solving legal disputes promptly and successfully.
We offer a wide scope of legal assistance solutions that range from legal information and advice, the provision of customizable letters and contracts, the search of an amicable settlement in case of dispute, to the implementation of legal action.


Three person in professional meeting

Supporting your customers with legal information, advice, and action

Whether it’s a tax dispute, identity theft, or a consumer purchase problem, your customers will seek advice and support in solving disputes and enforcing their rights. Thanks to our ability to adapt our services in real time, our Legal Protection solutions constantly evolve to offer the protection your customers need.

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Building customer trust with legal support

In the “New normal”, legal concerns are top of mind. We can help you become a valuable partner and build your business by offering your customers our legal assistance services against threats in the home or workplace.

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Legal assistance at your fingertips

When a legal problem looms, many people turn to the Internet for advice, only to become discouraged by the complexity. ELS@, our legal assistance platform (Easy Legal Service and Advice)  provides 24/7 access to answers to major legal questions as well as legal advice from a network of experts. We can anticipate new needs because belonging to AXA group gives us access to a wide range of expertise.

Teen on the couch with her tablet

Digital protection for the whole family

The Internet can be a risky place. Your customers don’t always understand how to defend themselves in case of identity theft, a threat to their e-reputation, or a legal dispute arising from an online purchase. Because human needs are at the heart of all we do, our digital protection includes psychological support and an online data monitoring service to protect personal data to prevent identity theft.

Helping your customers understand and defend their rights

Most people find it hard to understand the judiciary system. Yet they want to avoid feeling harmed or taken advantage of. As a business partner, you can offer your customers, whether individuals or SMEs, tailored solutions providing legal and digital protection against the risks of legal disputes.

Moneger Laurent

Laurent Monéger

Global Head of Consumer Electronics Protection and Legal Protection Business Line, AXA Partners

Cyber risks have become a major concern for most customers. On top of providing protection on any Legal issue in your daily lives, AXA Partners has developed specific protections against digital threats (bullying, identity theft, …) to allow customers to live a stressless digital experience

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Interested in finding legal protection solutions for your customers? Whether you are a service provider, a broker, or an international corporation, AXA Partners offers services that meet today’s pressing legal concerns.