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High tech devices are increasingly indispensable in your customers’ daily life, even more since the health crisis. The “Stay at Home” way of life accelerated the digitalization of consumers’ daily lives in many ways. Home office and home school practices, the use of telemedicine, and e-commerce surged all at once.
But this increased digitization comes with higher risks for your customers with digital risks (E-bullying, online ID Theft, virus attacks, phishing attempts…) adding up to material ones (electronic devices damages), making digital life safety now a critical concern.

To provide your customers with the safety and trust they deserve, we have created ProTechT. Because when it comes to our digital lives, there is no dithering around protection. With ProTechT, your customers are safe to make the most out of their digital life.

  • 61%

    61%of consumers change their device because it is of limited use, broken or stolen

    (AXA Partners Barometer - Protect our connected world - 2021)

  • 400€

    400€A maximum amount for mobile screen repair

    (Source: AXA Partners Network)

  • 45%

    45%of consumers strongly fear digital risks

    (AXA Partners Barometer - Protect our connected world - 2021)

ProTechT, a complete digital life protection for your customers and their family

Combining two AXA Partners’ areas of expertise (devices protection and digital protection), ProTechT offers your customers and their family a complete protection of their digital lives including Norton 360 Deluxe solution.

Not only does it protect extensively all family’s high tech devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches…) in case of damages or theft with high added value repair or replacement services to limit digital life disruption, but it also supports your customers with regards to digital concerns and incidents (online ID theft, e-bullying, harm to e-reputation) providing legal, IT or psychological assistance as well as a dedicated hotline for daily support and advices on best digital practices.

More! ProTechT offers an enhanced digital protection including Norton 360 deluxe solution to help consumers safeguard their digital security. Norton 360 provides powerful layers of protection for devices and online privacy to help guard against cyberthreats—all in a single solution. Plus, it scans the dark web for your customers’ personal information and notify them if it’s found with Dark Web Monitoring.

Create value and new growth opportunities with ProTechT

With ProTechT, empower your strategic objectives:

  • Enhance your value proposal with high added value services.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and trust assisting them in touchy situations.
  • Attract new customers thanks to a solution that can be promoted on multiple touchpoints.
  • Generate only additional revenue with an innovative, modular and complementary protection.
  • Boost your digitalization without heavy IT investment thanks to our turnkey and dedicated online subscription platform.

Customers' story

An all-in-one service to protect the whole family’s digital life

In the same year, Sam’s smartphone was stolen and her husband broke his laptop. Thanks to ProTechT they could get both devices replaced in no time!
At the end of the summer, they helped their son to find a flat to rent for the new school year. They did not realize until recently that they had replied to a potentially fraudulent offer, indeed some of their personal data were apparently hacked and leaked on the dark web! But thanks to the enhanced digital protection provided by ProTechT and Norton Dark Web Monitoring, they received an alert once the data was detected and got advice on measures to take to prevent ID Theft.
A few days after going back to school, Sam and her husband discovered their daughter was being bullied online… Once again, ProTechT brought them the digital protection and assistance they needed in this difficult time, not only through the identification and removal of the damaging content, but also through getting psychological assistance for Axelle, as well as ways for her and her parents to better protect herself, and support in their legal proceedings against classmates.

Digital incidents should not get in the way of your customers' peace of mind

48% of the victims of digital incidents have been quite psychologically affected by it, according to AXA Barometer - Protect our connected World.
It is time to provide serious digital life protection.
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